Customer testimonials are like an army of top-notch sales reps working for you, 24/7. As advocates for your brand, they work tirelessly to underscore your capabilities and highlight your strengths.

Vanessa Lentz

Testimonial and Case Study Interviewer, Writer and Video Storyteller

I help your business build trust with potential customers and clients through testimonials and case studies that showcase results you delivered for others like them. 

The Power of Testimonials

My husband and I built a successful trade show marketing business using client testimonials. I discovered that testimonial marketing is effective across industry sectors. People seek out testimonials when they’re considering a product or service because they want to work with a business that has demonstrated success in solving their problem.

However, the power of testimonials relies heavily on their interpretation and presentation. To fully convey their message and persuade potential customers, testimonials need to be carefully crafted into engaging narratives.

As an experienced interviewer and testimonial writer, I bridge the gap between raw customer feedback and your target audience’s needs and desires. I know how to calibrate customer stories to effectively influence your prospects.

I transform your customer testimonials into compelling stories that communicate the true value, impact and transformative results your brand delivers. I can help you amplify your credibility and trustworthiness across all your marketing channels.

88% of Consumers Trust Testimonials

as much as personal recommendations from friends and family

45% Increase in Website Traffic

on site using testimonials

50% of Consumers are More Motivated

by a review than a discount offer

72% of Consumers Only Take Action After

reading a positive review


One of Nashville’s top real estate brokers uses the power of video client testimonials to attract sellers.



Even if a client doesn’t agree to an interview,  their story can be still told anonymously. Properly done, the narrative becomes a powerful tool. This video was scripted and created for an insurance benefits specialist who wanted to attract more physicians as clients.

Helping Businesses Succeed
Makes the World a Better Place

I help businesses attract more customers. When businesses have customers, they generate revenue and hire workers. Having a job is linked to self-worth and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Tips and Insights for Business Growth
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